Witch Cards Nordic Edition

What are witch cards? If you know Tarot or perhaps Oracle cards, then think of witch cards as something in-between. If you do not know those two then let me explain. 

Witch cards are cards one can use for initiating deep conversations with oneself about the things in life that are not normally discussed. They can help to focus on what is troubling the mind and can be used as a time spent on easing the thoughts we all have throughout a normal day.

I have created the deck WITCH CARDS NORDIC EDITION which I did to encapsule the matriarchal knowledge the women around me have taught me since I was young. This knowledge primarily comes from my grandma, Lilly, who raised me after my mother died too soon. I have put in the wisdom she gave me and transformed it to the cards I use for myself and for others. On top of that I have used my academic background on feminist studies and religion to shape the cards into ones that hold only female energy. In this deck you will therefore meet eight Nordic goddesses Idun, Freja, Gefion, Eir, Snotra, Rindr, Thrud, and Gerdr. They each hold dominion over areas, animals, spells, and concepts, that in combination with each other can help you find what you are looking for. 

I offer readings based on spreads using my cards that you get in a PDF form but in the near future LIVE sessions via video call will also be available.

All you have to do is pick the kind of reading you would like me to do ( either GENERAL LIFE, SPECIFIC LIFE SITUATION, or soon FULL PERSONAL READING) and I will lay it for you. I only need your name, birthday and email to do it and send it to you afterwards. Just click the photo to the reading you want. Pay is done via PayPal.

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Thank you so much. It is very helpful and gave me some good thoughts. You are such a lovely person and inspiration.

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