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Ticket to NRFBSG June 3 2023

Get your ticket to the Non Religious Feminist Bible Study Group (NRFBSG) meeting on June 3 2023 at 8 pm GMT+1 (that is 2pm in NYC and 11am in Los Angeles).


This meeting is about "Women's agency and power in the Bible" and we will me meeting Ruth, Esther, and Deborah. 


Upon purchasing this you get a PDF with proof that you're in. You will get a secret link via email - so make sure you use one you check so I can send you the link - on the day where we go the meeting. 


The meeting is held via my website here and is done on a platform like Zoom which means it is live and also that you can see and hear me. If you want to join with a camera you can but you DO NOT HAVE TO. So join with a black screen if that is most comfortable to you. 


Since this is a live event I offer no refunds which I hope you respect. 


The €5 go towards the safe space where we are doing the live and towards my expertise withing the field. It is a way for you to support the value I bring. 


When you purchase this ticket you get the ticket and a PDF with more info about the meeting which you can use to prepare for it. But please remember you do not have to prepare or read the Bible material in advance. That is only available to you if you so desire. Everyone is welcome!

Ticket to NRFBSG June 3 2023

€ 5,00Price
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