How to style brown pants 4 different ways!

Are you someone who owns brown pants but don't know how to wear them? I mean - they look cool there on the hanger with all their chocolate hue realness so why is it so difficult to actually incorporate them into a proper outfit that makes you feel stylish and comfortable at the same time? Well! Let me give you some styling help with a proper "Show & Tell" kind of situation and let's see if this can perhaps inspire your already wonderful mind to get some use out of those lovely brown trousers.


I think styling brown is tricky to many because it seems like a colour of in-between. In the neutral realm it is perhaps more common to wear grey, white, beige, and black leaving brown to be a bit of a "Meh" situation. If you know me then you are very aware that even though I am as Danish as they come and therefore a Scandinavian of course, I by no means dress in a minimalistic kind of way. It's rather the opposite. Want proof? Click here. This is why the guide today will not focus around a minimalistic fashion style. If you are looking for a Scandi guide to wearing brown then this is not for you. But if you are looking for ways to make brown fun and fresh - then STAY! That's what I'm here for!

Let us first find a common brown to use as an example for the guide. I've chosen this one shown below that is rather light but still a rich brown if you ask me. This is a colour you can find in many leather goods and 90s jeans so I hope this will serve you well as the reference colour.

When I am helping you to figure out how to wear your brown trousers then keep this in mind: I believe colours are always the answer and so I have created four colour palettes for you with individual *vibes* and *aesthetics* for you to choose from. There should be a bit for everyone so feel free to go straight to the one that sounds most appealing to you by clicking on the titles below - or, you know, read them all to see how different the brown will feel in each one. Let me introduce them now!


Safe 70s

There's just something about brown that makes me think of the 70s! If this is vibe you are into (which will make sense since it is still huge at the moment in the fashion scene - just think of Gucci) then this styling idea is for you. Let's find some vintage pieces online and try and create an outfit using them with the brown we've picked as our example.

This outfit uses the colours from the palette in a way that lifts the brown example colour to being part of the base layer but also part of the bigger picture. The brown adds to the vintage and retro feeling and the whole outfit would definitely change character if the trousers were black instead of brown. At least if you ask me.

If the 70s isn't really your thing fear not. Let's move on to the next styling option. Here comes the cool colours.


Cool Colours

OK so this palette is giving me summer, parties, a hint of neon and overall fun times. Let's see what an outfit using these colours will do for the brown pants, shall we? I want to try and create a chic late 90s inspired outfit with some funky feels. The outfit below is also reminding me of Sex and the City - is that just me? I like the laid back style of it and I think this goes to show that even if you're wearing a cardigan, a roll neck and block heels you can still be the light of the party!

The brown feels just as fresh as the rest of the items if it is paired with this fest of a colour explosion. I heavily doubt anyone would think your brown trousers would be any kind of boring if you paired them with something like this.

If you're more into a monochromatic look (kind of) then perhaps the next one is more up your alley. Let's have a look at the Great Greens!


Great Greens

The sort of monochrome feeling of these shades of green together with the brown makes me think of spring, forests, and calmness. I wanted to have that feeling show in the outfit so this one is simple. Cute shoes, a simple blazer, a funky shirt to add some details to the party, and a great bag.

The brown trousers feel like a statement here I think. With the other pieces showcasing the almost monochromatic feeling we force the eye to focus on the brown and make it stand out. To me this is a great way of really using the wonderful brown as a statement. What do you think?

If you want to have an outfit that works because it uses juxtaposition as its basis then check out the Pink Package. Maybe it will hit you right where you need it to!


Pink Package

With such a rich pink colour palette the opposite brown really makes both colours pop. I wanted to play off the idea with the juxtaposition so I made an outfit that uses elements that are absolutely opposite to each other and yet somehow it works. I'd personally wear this to visit my local library and peruse the magazines and newspapers there.

And that's it really. Now we have four examples of how you can style brown pants. The 70s options gives you all the retro fun using the brown as the base for that feeling. The colourful outfit creates a laid back 90s nod to summer evenings and great company. The monochrome green gives off a relaxed and casual vibe whilst still being chic and work appropriate. The pink outfit uses a mix of all things great and shows off humour and playfulness.

Now the question remains: Which one will you try and recreate? If you do please show me. I love to see it everytime your wonderful brain creates magic. You can post your outfit on Instagram and tag me @hexekami or you can send me a DM on Instagram with your outfit if you're looking for further styling tips. I'd love to help if I can!

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And that's all, friend. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to let me know which style was your fave and show me the outfits you create using your brown pants!

P.S: All vintage items shown in the four groups are photos taken from the internet by vintage shops. I do not own those photos. If you own one and want me to take it down please reach me at and I will do so ASAP! Thank you in advance.


Kind regards


your old lady friend

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