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The Non Religious Feminist Bible Study Group is coming



What is this group about?

The Non Religious Feminist Bible Study Group (we need a cool name for this, I know) is, as mentioned in this not so neat title, a non-religious study group focused on exploring the feminist themes and issues present in the Bible to better understand the way our world works and why many things about gender is the way it is.


We delve into cultural and historical themes, gender studies, translation issues, and the experiences of women in the Bible. Led by a knowledgeable professional - that would be me, hexekami - we offer a safe and supportive space for people of all genders of all ages, but most suitable for 18 and up since I do curse sometimes and talk about things children may not understand fully, to discuss and explore these themes together.

The group meetings will be held online at and will be done as private live sessions. Each session will cost 5 euro to join. Paying a small fee to join our feminist Bible study group allows us to continue providing quality content and discussions for our members. In addition, our group offers a safe and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds to come together and explore the feminist aspects of biblical tales. Our discussions are led by a professional, again this is me, hexekami, with expertise in Hebrew, religion, intellectual history, and feminist studies, ensuring that each session is thought-provoking and informative. So you also pay a tiny amount to listen to my brain.


Our group is open to all, regardless of religious affiliation, and we strive to create a community of learning and empowerment. Join us and be a part of this exciting journey! 

What are the themes of the first group lives?

  • Women's Agency and Power in the Bible

  • Gender and Sexuality in the Bible

  • Translations and Interpretations of the Bible

  • The Bible and Feminist Theology 

  • Gender and Power in the Bible

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Get your ticket to the group meeting on June 3 here!

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