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Hello, love

Have we met yet? If not, hi, hello, how are ya? I am Kamilla; a 30 year old Danish woman with an academic background in intellectual history, religion studies, and Hebrew. I specialise in feminist studies of European history and religion and am a published author in my home country. I use social media to engage others - like yourself - in the matters of feminism because it is my belief that it is through education and knowledge that we can change. When I am not making videos, newsletters, and podcasts for you, I like to sew, crochet, knit, and sing. I work as a singer in my everyday life and live with my husband in an old building from the late 1800s.

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Why feminism?

I lost my mum to cancer when I had just turned eight and was consequently pseudo raised by my grandma, Lilly, whom I think of as my soulmate. She was born in 1923 and even though we therefore had 70 years between she showed me everything I needed to know about dignity, respect, love, and self worth. I have been trying to follow the steps she laid out for me ever since knowing that the shoes I want to fill are huge. 

I studied at university for six years diving into the many aspects of history, philosophy, and religion that deal with social injustices towards women. I attacked these topics from many points of views coming from both male, female, and non binary aspects in order to broaden my horison and further my understanding of why the Western world has established itself as a capitalist patriarchy. 

I began using social media as a platform in 2020 and started out doing secondhand fashion content always emphasising the storytelling aspects of the women who lived before I did - mainly my mum and grandma. Sharing their stories in what I wore, I realised that the field of feminism was not only something I wanted to work with in an academic setting, and so in late 2022 I changed my content to be feminist video essays told in a non-academic way so everyone can join in on the debates and discussions. 

My hope is to create a community of feminist individuals who support and uplift each other to help change our world to the better.


If you want to speak to me about an idea for a project, work with me, or just say hi, then please reach out!

I only read DMs on Instagram

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