who is hexekami?

Hi! I am hexekami. You can also call me by my real name if you want. It's Kamilla. I am a 29 year old lady from Denmark who enjoys dressing like a colourful and pattern loving grandma. Why? Because it reminds me of my own grandma who was the light of my life. So I dress in a way to honour her and bring me happiness.


I like to spend my time going thrifting, hunting for vintage designer pieces from the 80s, and crocheting. I also like dogs, cats, and pigeons. I am a singer, have a master's degree in intellectual history and religion studies focusing on feminist studies of the Hebrew bible and I give lectures on how women are perceived and shaped in European history. I am a major feminist and one of the things that angers me the most is gender inequality.


I also have a podcast called The Darker Sides of Life in which I share my takes on the human experience. I share my story growing up with death and grief as a close companion. You can listen to my podcast where you listen to your podcasts. And you can support my work by donating towards it here.

If you aren't already I hope you'll consider checking me out over on Instagram and Youtube. I'd love to have you! 

Kind regards


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